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About me

After 23 years of flying airplanes off of aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy, I headed toward the lucrative world of defense contracting - for about a week. The lure of trading time for money ended before it began, and instead I adventured down the road less traveled toward my passion: creating and sharing dramatic imagery that feeds the soul. I never looked back.

My goal is to create photographs that inspire people and move them to action. Whether for commercial, editorial or non-profit clients, I want to transport the viewer away from the busyness of the connected world and move them to engage with a creation beyond the to-do list. If a glimpse of beauty can plant a seed and inspire someone to escape for a long-procrasinated weekend getaway, even better!

When not traveling on assignment, I live on Maryland's eastern Chesapeake Bay. There's Redskins jersey in my closet and a can of Old Bay seasoning in the cupboard.

P.S.  How's that roadtrip you have been putting off? What are you waiting for? GO!

Carpe diem, Scotty




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